Navigating a known map using a Generalized Voronoi Graph: an example

github code is here!

voronoi-bot is a robot that navigates by creating a Generalized Voronoi Graph (GVG) and then traveling along this graph to reach the goal. It requires a full map of the environment in order to navigate.

I completed this project during a class for Joel Burdick while an undergrad at Caltech. I’ve since added the code to github and started cleaning up the files so that they’re easier to understand and reuse (refactoring, adding tests, etc). This is still in progress, but the code is functional in the meantime.

Example output from the program, plotted in Matlab. The black dots define the boundary of the map, the red and blue boxes are obstacles, and the cyan dots are nodes in the GVG, constructed based on this map. The green dots show the start and end goal, the red lines show the path taken by the robot.
A video showing the robot in action (running in Player/Stage) is below.

To read more about using GVG for navigation, I recommend the following:

Sensor Based Planning, Part II: Incremental Construction of the Generalized Voronoi Graph
Howie Choset, Joel Burdick

Mobile Robot Navigation: Issues in Implementation the Generalized Voronoi Graph in the Plane
Howie Choset, Ilhan Konukseven, and Joel Burdick

Path Planning for Mobile Robot Navigation using Voronoi Diagram and Fast Marching
Robotics Lab, Carlos III University


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